Our mission

Consolidate and conquer local as well as worldwide leadership in specialized equipment for growing industries, by offering state-of-the-art service and solutions that offer agility, availability and innovation.

Our group’s purpose is to leverage our collective expertise to develop and implement specialized equipment solutions, enabling our customers be best-in-class industrial players wherever they operate.

Our "raison d’être"
Governance structure

Our performance culture is based on LINXIS specific Management Process. Our aims are to improve organizational efficiency, to improve internal control and financial monitoring of the performance of every company, to ensure efficient build-up processes, to secure budget and year-end forecasts. Our objective is also to preserve entrepreneurial culture and agility of each company.

CEO Linxis Group

CEO since 2014. Joined the company VMI in 2000 as CEO.
Previous experience: After 10 years with Shell, founded a company specialized in manufacturing ophthalmologic equipment
Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique Paris

Group CFO Linxis Group

Joined the Group in 2014
Previous experience: Financial controller (EY) and CFO of Leroux & Lotz Technologies
Graduated from Bordeaux Business School

Chairman & CEO of Diosna 

Joined the group in 2011 as CFO of Diosna. Since 2014 additionally head of the Bakery Division. Since 2018 CEO of Diosna.
Previously management functions in Siemens AG.
Graduated from University of Lüneburg (D) with study abroad in University of Queensland (Australia)”

Chairman of ShickEsteve

CEO of Shick and then ShickEsteve since June 2016, President in May 2014, COO in May 2012 
Previously Vice President Sales, Marketing & Product Management of AMF Bakery Systems. Occupies board positions with the American Society of Baking (ASB) and the Bakery Equipment Manufacturers Association.
Graduated from the University of Kansas.

Dominique DENOËL
Chairman of VMI

Joined the Group in 1992, Deputy Managing Director, then Managing Director of VMI.
Gained experience in videotape distribution equipment.
Graduated from Ecole Centrale Nantes

Dominique LIUZZO
Chairman of Chalon Mégard

Joined the group in 2011.
Previously Sales Manager and Director of an ABB Group’s subsidiary
Graduated from Ecole des Mines Alès

Chairman of Tecnal

Joined the Group in 1998.
Previously Sales Director at VMI.
Gained experienced in the field of industrial equipment
Business School diploma

Chairman of Simon

Joined the Group in 1998 as Sales Director of Simon
Previously Production Manager in the Dairy Industry
Graduate from Caen University