Our mission

Our mission is to consolidate and develop local as well as global leadership in specialized equipment for growing industries, by offering state-of-the-art service and solutions that provide agility, innovation, and high service standards.

Our purpose

The Group’s driving purpose is to leverage our collective expertise
to develop and implement specialized equipment solutions,
enabling our customers to be best-in-class industrial players wherever they operate.

In 2017, Bretèche Industrie opened the door to the world by rebranding as LINXIS Group. 
The new name reflected a renewed and continued focus on innovation, agility, and global excellence.

Our performance culture is centralized by LINXIS's management process. Our goals are to improve organizational efficiency, improve internal control and financial monitoring of each company, ensure efficient build-up processes, and secure budget and year-end forecasts. Our management also enables and preserves the entrepreneurial culture and agility of each company.

Our annual reports

2021 ESG Report

Annual report 2020

Annual report 2019

Annual report 2018

Annual report 2017

Annual report 2016

Annual report 2015

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