The keystones of our commitment:

are skills, know-how, innovation, service to customers, and the people at the core of our projects

No "set" schemes:

or "career plans" but rather exemplary paths and a real potential for evolution

Recruitment: a human process:

of interviews and exchanges followed by on-boarding and discovery

Concrete operational tools:

to listen to our people: yearly interviews, local meetings, training, and internal mobility

Team retention:

reflected every day in our low turnover

LINXIS Group employs and retains talent in several key fields across our companies:

Sales (domestic and export), Marketing and Communications
Design and Engineering (Mechanical / Automation/ Industrial Computing / Robotics / Electricity)
Workshop Assembly and Fabrication, Quality, Procedures
After Sales Service
Human Resources.

We leverage our collective expertize to develop and implement smart solutions tailored to our customers.
We regularly recruit experts in specialized machinery and industrial equipment.

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