October 2017
Bretèche Industrie becomes LINXIS Group.

As business transformation is driven by customer demand,
Agility is the name of the game triggered by innovation.
You can't survive if notthinking globally,
Bretèche Industrie decided in october 2017 to widen its footprint by becoming LINXIS Group.

Founded in 1988, our group has gathered 5 best in class and world leaders in the bakery, health and food industries, whose job is to ensure the seamless integration of highly specialized equipment designed by focused manufacturers.
LINXIS Group is positioned to lead the way thanks to its strong synergy levers built over time.

The foundation of a promising business development perspective is driven by our company purpose: Leveraging our collective expertise to develop and implement smart specialized equipment solutions enabling customers to be best in class industrial players wherever they operate.
Every day, our teams have the simple ambition to give purpose to our living values to deliver what matters to our customers through  excellence in action, passionate professionalism, solution-driven innovations, fully dedicated support, trusted and respectful relationships.

LINXIS Group builds upon a sustainable growth of +14% per year over the last three years to claim a 225 million euros turnover in 2017, backed by the stability and strengthof the entire team all over. This puts the group on solid ground for further acquisitions and partnerships to complement global presence and organic growth.

Why Linxis ?

It’s a name that values ‘linking power’;
it’s a name that evokes new systems;
it’s a name that claims the will to be part of a modern world in constant evolution;
it’s a name that embraces an international reach and mindset.

Our LINXIS identity 
is all about…

A circle that translates
 our openess 
the dotted line that reminds
the human link between the companies
and the group;
 the engagement 
of all companies to federate around
 a same name and purpose.