Our mission

Our group’s purpose is to leverage our collective expertise to develop and implement specialized equipment solutions, enabling our customers be best-in-class industrial players wherever they operate.

Our strength is our collective history based on ...
Industry-leading design 

that provides maximum value to our customers

Worldwide reach 

that dedicates local resources to our global customers

An ongoing emphasis 

on product development and R&D to serve our customers’ever-changing needs

Leading positions 

in bakery, health, and food industries

Service attitude

driven by deep and committed understanding of our customers’ daily challenges

Corporate structure suitable

for integrating new portfolio assets to continue to grow our model

Our values express our mindset
and company signature
around the world
Excellence in action, 

because inaction is not permitted in a demanding world

Passionate professionalism, 

because it’s always necessary to bring something extra

Solution-driven innovations, 

because it should work and move the business forward

Fully dedicated support for our customers, 

because it should be a full-partnership process

Trusted and respectful relationships,

because we invest on the long-term